$2500 Prize for New SBIR/STTR Logo Design

May 8, 2015

Dear Technologists, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Designers, Researchers, SBC’s & More…

       Javier Saade, Associate Administration of Investment and Innovation for the SBA is leading the SBA’s Office of Investment and Innovation which oversees the SBIR and STTR programs across the entire Federal government.  These programs are collectively the largest pool of seed funding in the globe, aka America’s Seed Fund.   ~$2.5 billion a year is awarded to bleeding-edge, STEM-driven and high tech innovators and small businesses across a very broad swath of the economy.   Since inception about $40 billion has been awarded to over 150,000 inventive and forward-looking projects and companies.  3D printing technology, minimally invasive surgery, biotech (e.g., Amgen, Genetech, Biogen) and communications advances such as the ones Qualcomm and Symantec pioneered were all were born thanks in large part to very early funding from SBIR/STTR.

On May 4th, after about year of work and thousands of man-hours, the SBA unveiled a new and improved  It’s a pretty and functional website with amazingly more robust and useful information underlying it.   Not only do our incredibly savvy innovators demand a better interface, they needed it badly.  It is much more sleek and its 2-click user interface and smart connectivity engages with the greater innovation ecosystem, more deeply and meaningfully. 

The Competition!!!

To match the bleeding-edge innovation crowd, we decided that should engage the equally amazing American creative community to get a new official logo of America’s Seed Fund, aka, SBIR/STTR. Our theme is 12 Agencies…1 Vision: Seed The Future.   

The competition will run pursuant to the America Competes Act, and encourages the amazingly creative community in the United States to create a thoughtful and imaginative visual representation of the government’s largest innovation effort focused on research-driven, innovative and cutting-edge small businesses.

For more information visit United States Small Business Administration

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