5 Rookie Networking Fails and How to Avoid Them

January 28, 2014


When you have the opportunity to network, do you handle it well, or is it a big, fat fail?

While online networking has dominated in many ways over the past 10-plus years, in-person networking — conferences, conventions, workshops, trade shows, etc. — is still a great way to meet and mingle with peers, potential partners and mentors. If you’re new to the networking scene and want to stay at the top of your game, avoid these five mistakes that will make others cringe.

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Being overly aggressive. If you walk into an event with the mannerisms of a used car salesman, you will immediately turn off everyone around you. Yes, you want to end up known at the end of the day, but not for being arrogant and annoying.

To avoid this image, ask questions about what other people do rather than making statements about your own business. Take the time to listen to the answers instead of waiting for your turn to talk. With this approach, you will be perceived as interesting and worth talking to by others. And don’t worry, they’ll get around to asking about you soon enough.

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