A Story Worth Sharing

April 8, 2016


Laura Hester, founder and owner of Red Gingham Gourmet, LLC, is commended for her hard work, dedication, and personal sacrifices in building her company into a successful enterprise.

But, there is more to Laura’s story than just her business success. Laura is an inspiration to our community through her efforts in hiring individuals who need a second chance. In collaboration with the Florence City School system’s special programs and other local agencies, Laura employs people that have, or have had, personal struggles which eliminated them from the typical labor pool. These employees include young people who spent their childhood moving from foster home to foster home and getting lost in the traditional education system. They also include graduates of all ages from transition homes that counsel and treat addiction, as well as students who have had minor involvement with law enforcement.

Laura’s support of these employees goes beyond hiring, training, and providing a paycheck. She provides free lunches to all employees, transportation to and from work as needed, and she has personally advanced funds for rent, car payments, and medications.

Laura says that these special employees seldom disappoint her. They are hard workers– dedicated and loyal.

The next time you purchase Laura’s products, you are not only supporting a local entrepreneur, you are also supporting a special individual who is devoted to helping our community and those in need of a second chance.

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