About Us

We are a business incubator. That means we work with start-up and emerging companies to help them successfully launch and grow. As a business incubator, we offer shared space, equipment and resources in a controlled-overhead environment. Because those costs are controlled, start-up businesses can allocate more of their limited resources to other things that will help the business grow.

Business incubation is a proven tool for regional economic growth. Our unique cluster of commercial space, business counseling and technical assistance, and wide-ranging network of partners can provide a critical framework to help entrepreneurs meet their business goals. We continually look for opportunities to expand and strengthen our services, facilities, and other resources. Our business clients continue to expand and grow, which creates a great driver for the SEC’s work. We hope that you will find our website helpful and look forward to working with you to expand economic opportunities.

Economic Impact

The SEC has proven to be a major part of the Shoals area economic development team. Since 1992, the SEC incubator network has incubated more than 150 businesses and created more than 1,500 jobs. A study conducted by the University of North Alabama School of Business indicates the SEC clients and graduates provide the annual following economic impact:

  • Expenditure effect of $98 million for the Shoals Economy
  • Sales tax impact of $5.3 million
  • Alabama State Income Tax of $2.01 million