Career Advice: How to Keep Your Network Alive When You Have no Bandwidth

April 9, 2014

To keep your professional network going, you must consider it a valuable asset that’s critical for your career. Just as you wouldn’t leave money under your mattress unattended, hoping that there’ll be sufficient funds to retire, the same is true of your professional connections. Like investing and balancing the risk of your nest egg for your future needs, you must manage your network for the long term.

Like a young professional saving for retirement, who starts by putting a small amount of money aside each month by cutting out his twice-a-day fancy $3.00 cup of coffee. While it may take a few weeks to break the habit, at the end of a year, he’s saved over $1,500. Similarly, you can do the same thing for your networking. Do one small action a day and it adds up to 365 networking connections in one year.

Here are five steps to help you integrate networking into your regular schedule even when you don’t think that you have the time. In today’s world, professional and social media network are intertwined.

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