Creative Thinking and Doing Stimulates Economic Development

October 30, 2015


In dealing everyday with the creative types, you never know…….

Displayed in the parking lot this  morning at the Shoals Entrepreneurial Center was a unfamiliar object, designed, engineered, and fabricated by one of our client’s, Josh Johnston.  Little did we know, this object had quite a story behind it.  The Project is a guitar that stands over 9′ tall, includes LED lighting that can change colors with an interactive fire effect.  The goal is to take the guitar to as many events as possible to promote creativity AND The Shoals area. Click here to view a quick demo of “The Guitar Project”.

The Shoals  has been known for years for telling stories through music and the creative arts.  Josh’s interactive art piece is a symbol to the Shoals’ musical heritage while exemplifying the desire of today’s creative minds to encourage entrepreneurs and innovators to increase their worldwide collaborations in creating positive impacts on the local economy.

The guitar project is much bigger than just an oversized guitar; this is the beginning of an ongoing effort to generate creativity in the Shoals and all over the South.  The inspiration for this project stems from Josh’s collaborations with individuals on the West Coast where his creative skills are well known.  Josh created the guitar to show people that creative thinking and actually creating is easer than one might expect. Josh wants to inspire others to not only think creatively, but to put that creativity to work.

He is already planning other interactive art pieces.  His efforts are self funded at this time but a gofundme campaign has been established to assist with project expenses.

To learn more about this project or how you can get involved visit the gofundme site.  All money donated will go to the expenses of creating The Guitar Project.

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