Culinary Team Building

October 28, 2013

The Shoals Entrepreneurial Center (SEC) in partnership with Professional Chef Kevin Kilburn has developed Corporate Team Building events via Culinary Competition conducted at the SEC’s Culinary Complex (SCC). These events were developed for companies searching for unique ways to improve employee morale, boost group communication, and enhance job performance.

Studies have shown that Culinary Team Building events are far more effective and produce longer lasting results than traditional team building activities. There are many benefits with these activities including, but not limited to, problem solving, creative thinking, communication, project management and prioritization. However, the primary benefit is Team Building!

Participating groups will discover how to achieve their objectives by working as a cohesive team through effective communication, planning, and leadership. Teams learn to work together as they participate in the planning and execution of a menu – either entirely of their own design or creative adaptations on recipes the Chef can provide.

Preparing a meal is the perfect metaphor for teamwork ~ and the meal becomes the symbol of the team’s successful integration of ideas and talents!

Signature Culinary Team Building Events

Cast Iron Chef (2-3 Hour Event)
For this event, groups of 8-20 are split into groups. Each group receives a mystery basket of ingredients. Group participants will then share ideas on developing a menu and begin preparation. The SEC will provide the equipment, basic pantry and refrigerated items

Chef Supreme (3-4 Hour Event)
In this competition, the groups choose their Supreme Chef battle in advance; Italian, French, Mexican, Asian, Classic America, Cajun, etc.

Heavenly Kitchen, “yeah, right” (3-4 Hour Event)
This competition tests participants’ cooking, negotiation, bartering, and shopping skills. Participants will meet at the SCC for a briefing session at which time they will be allotted a small budget. Teams will then have 35 minutes at a local grocery store to decide what to purchase and return to the SCC to begin preparation.

Company Cook-off (2-6 Hour Event)
The Company Cook-off event can be a great regular event that be promoted within your organization. This competition can be adapted to be a cook-off between departments, locations, branches, etc.

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