Innovation Engineering

August 21, 2014

IE ClassToday marks history for the beginning of an excellent new program at the University of North Alabama. Innovation Engineering, the most recent addition to the College of Business minor degrees, broke ground in Keller Hall this morning with the first cornerstone class that the degree offers, Create. College of Business Dean Gregory Carnes and Janyce Fadden from UNA’s College of Business teamed alongside Giles McDaniel, the Executive Director of the Shoals Entrepreneurial Center and Mitch Hamm, the Center Director of the Alabama Technology Network to license and implement Innovation Engineering as an option to undergraduates seeking to become future entrepreneurs. The University of North Alabama is the first college university in the state of Alabama to offer this program to students studying any major or minor.

Innovation Engineering is designed to help students develop creativity and generate inventive ideas in any field of study. By the completion of the program, each student is guaranteed to graduate with valuable entrepreneurial experience, numerous company and community networks, and even a patented business idea. The implementation of Innovation Engineering as a minor degree aids in excelling UNA’s STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) departments to a competitive level with larger state universities.

Kate and I are ecstatic to be students of Innovation Engineering. Dr. Santanu Borah is instructing this first core course and has spent countless hours preparing and researching to engage us in innovative entrepreneurship. We are enthusiastic to see where this course leads future students and the positive effects this program has at UNA.

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