How to Keep Interest in Your Company – Even During the Slow Months

February 5, 2014

Unless your company sells chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and cards, February can be an awful month for sales and interest in companygrowth. As January ends, the excitement of the New Year dies down, resolutions are broken, and the commonality of stress returns. Gray skies and cold weather inhibit customers from wanting to shop around, and new potential business owners are usually still in the planning stages of building their companies on paper before cutting the red ribbon on opening day. During months where time goes by slowly and the most exciting topic of conversation is the newest song on Pandora, your employees and customers begin to lose interest and honestly, your business becomes boring!

Here are some great suggestions to keep your company growing, your employees interested, and –most importantly – revenue coming in!

  • Redesign: February is a fantastic time to redesign your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even your physical business place. A change of scenery can help generate new creativity as well as give a relief to you and your employees. Creating a new space and design allows for a different perspective on your products and business as a whole. Color schemes, word and phrase placements, fonts, and interactive media can completely transform your company online and can attract an entire new array of customers than before.
  • Revamp: While you have the energy and time, revamp some of your products. Make a special, a sale, or even test new product. You can make changes necessary to your existing products and begin to outline a new product to release in the spring or summer. This definitely keeps your employees interested, while also planning for future competition and customer interaction.
  • Reconnect: Now is the time to reconnect with your old customers, marketers, and friends. Plan an event, host a fundraiser, team up with organizations and other companies, and market your company! February is a good time to participate in marathons and races for fundraisers, to host award ceremonies for best employees and customers, to sponsor organizations, and to simply get your name circulating locally. The best type of marketing tool is face-to-face advertising: talk about your company! Mass emails are simply not personable enough. Do whatever you can to place your small business back into the minds of your busy potential buyers!

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