How to Keep Your Most Valuable Employees Feeling Valued

February 14, 2014

Are you encouraging your team members? Encouragement and positivism is an extremely overlooked necessity in the workplace. Your best and most valuable employees need to be reminded of their successes consistently. Without regular feedback, employees quickly feel discouraged, unmotivated, and underappreciated. I went from loving my job and the company I worked for to absolutely hating it in a matter of weeks, all because of the lack of encouragement.

Here’s some background info: Throughout my high school years, I worked at a popular fast food franchise located within a shopping mall. I was just fifteen years old when I began was promoted into leadership at seventeen. During my four years of work, I saw two complete managerial transformations within our store. I worked through the transitioning team members from season to season. I saw all of the hiring and firing, the successes and failures, the emergencies and drama.

I loved the leadership that hired me. My managers were strict enough to gain respect but cared about us employees as well. Everyone was quick to constructively criticize but just as quick to encourage and help. I felt like I belonged somewhere. Every day I went to work to truly serve those customers and my other employees. I believed in that franchise. I thought I had found a future in that mall store; I figured I just could go to school and get a management degree. That was until the owner was offered a newer franchise and our entire management team changed.

Suddenly, the joking and happiness stopped. The new owner was a strict business man whose smile seemed about as genuine as his fake leather jacket he always wore to work. As a leader, I had a list of responsibilities and I had my own process of doing them. I remember my first meeting with my new boss, where he proceeded to tell me the new way things were to be run, then dismissed me. I worked a week without any feedback at all. I asked him one day what I needed to work on, and he just told me to make more money. From then on, I realized this job was no longer for me.

Create a relationship with your employees. Encourage and reward them. And most of all, make sure your most valued team members feel valuable.

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