“We are all about local jobs” RC&D Council and Entrepreneurial Center celebrate local foods

March 11, 2014

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Raison d’etre – 
The thing that is central to one’s existence. Literally, ‘reason for being‘.

FLORENCE – Giles McDaniel, Executive Director of the Shoals Entrepreneurial Center, believes his Raison d’etre, it to help grow locally inspired businesses. And so, when he had the opportunity to host the Northwest Alabama Resource Conservation & Development Council’s quarterly meeting, he jumped at the opportunity.


Charley Meek - Northwest Alabama Resource Conservation & Development Council

Charley Meek – Northwest Alabama Resource Conservation & Development Council

The Council conducts community- based projects to help make our part of Alabama be a better place to live. This quarterly meeting focused on the economics of producing and marketing locally produced farm products. ”We’re all about local jobs, keeping money in our communities,” said Charlie Meek, Executive Director of the Council, “And we felt that this was a great time to showcase some of the products that we can raise here locally.”

The way Meek made his point was to serve a great lunch to Council members and guests with locally produced farm products. Nickie Campbell of the Entrepreneurial Center’s Culinary Kitchen facility produced a meal of locally grown vegetables, and several different recipes of lamb. (One of the benefits of working for the Quad-Cities Daily is the food.)

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