Red Gingham Gourmet – SEC Culinary Client

December 11, 2013

red gingham gourmetIf you have never tasted Red Gingham Gourmet’s spicy jalapeño cornbread muffins or sweet cinnamon rolls, you are sadly missing out. Laura began her baking business by utilizing her love for fresh produce and cooking by selling to local restaurants and markets. She experimented first by buying chickens and selling the eggs and selling her fresh vegetables from her garden, and both sold with profits. She then began to take her freshly-baked goods with her to the markets and sold with huge success; thus, Red Gingham Gourmet was created.

As a business like Red Gingham Gourmet begin to rapidly grow, problems can also arise. With more orders comes the need for more equipment, space, and hands to bake. Many businesses fail due to a lack of preparation and ability to grow. Small companies especially need help with the entrepreneurial side of a growing business. Suddenly, small business owners are swamped with scheduling conflicts, accounting capabilities, and training new employees.

That is why incubators like the Shoals Entrepreneurial Center exist: to help small businesses grow. As Red Gingham grew out of Laura’s home kitchen, she located her business in the Shoals Culinary Center in Florence. The center offers a huge kitchen with top notch equipment and cooking classes. The Shoals Culinary Center is a branch of the Shoals Entrepreneurial Center which offers every client an exclusive opportunity to connect with other business owners, manufacturers, marketers, advertisers, accountants, and other valuable resources for business growth.

With the help of the Shoals Entrepreneurial Center, Red Gingham Gourmet continues to expand to larger restaurants and grocery store chains throughout the Southeast. Stop by a local market or grocery store today to try her famous bread! For her locations, visit her website or Facebook page.

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