Shoals Company Unveils New Clothing Line

February 27, 2016

The Shoals Entrepreneurial Center is pleased to welcome our newest client, Green Bananas Inventions! Good Luck Ashley and best wishes as you grow your new company!

Source: WAFF

By Marie Waxel:

Green Bananas

Ashley Morrow Colonna’s new clothing line ‘Allure’ set to ship out in March (Source: WAFF)


A Florence fashion designer is setting out to change the plus-sized fashion industry.

Ashley Morrow Colonna, 34, has a line called Allure Apparel that will ship her first line to stores around North America starting in March.

The line offers an enriched viscose blend that she said has the potential to alter the clothing landscape for plus-size, curvy women.

“I used to joke that it’s so hard for me to find just a plain black dress that didn’t have a cheetah print or the flipping Eiffel Tower or something,” she said. “I don’t know why designers think big girls like the Eiffel Tower and butterflies and flowers, but they do. It is crazy.”

The first Allure line will feature her designs, which she longed to find in department stores.

Colonna’s company, Green Bananas, is a part of the Shoals Entrepreneurial Center.

“I think women sometimes want things they can mix and match together with things they already have. They don’t want to have to buy the whole outfit,” she said. “They’d like to buy something that goes with their pants or with jewelry or a scarf they already have.”

She said that the line features clothing that women can wear year-round.

“It all layers together, or they can be stand-alone pieces that could just be the one awesome part of your outfit,” she said. “Everything is made with an upgraded viscose blend, so it has a nice drape to it that looks great on curvier and plus-sized bodies.”

Colonna added that the line will eventually serve women of all sizes.

Giles McDaniel, the Shoals Entrepreneurial Center director, thinks that Green Bananas will be a success.

“Ashley gets it,” McDaniel explained. “She’s sharp, and she understands her product and business.”

Her business– which she started at home first selling Alchemy– has outgrown her home and she hopes it will outgrow the Entrepreneurial Center.

“The SEC has a reputation for helping small businesses take that step from the garage to the office, and then from the office to something bigger,” she added. “That’s what I needed. I needed a place where I could have resources, where I wasn’t completely by myself, that I had a support system. I think getting to have that with such a small, new company will make the difference.”

She said that Alchemy is off to a great start and hopes the response to the Allure line will also be great.

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