Shoals Idea Audition – Deadline to Register Approaching!!!

October 22, 2015

Do you think your idea is worth $5,000.00? Well it could be! The only way for you to find out is if you enter the Shoals Idea Audition!

On November 19th the Shoals Idea Audition will be taking place at the GUC on the UNA campus!  The Shoals Idea Audition is your opportunity to present your business idea to a panel of business leaders and experts.

Do you have an idea for the next big smartphone app? Audition it!

The next big idea for a product? Audition it!

Whatever your idea is, presenting at the Idea Audition has the potential for you to win $5000, providing the groundwork to make your idea into reality!  There is still time for you to get in on the Idea Audition!  You can register to participate through Midnight on November 1st.  Enter today at

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