Specialty Food Production

Many entrepreneurs have ideas for food-related businesses…and we have an entire division that helps people transform their business ideas into reality.

Many entrepreneurs dream of starting a food-related business, and yet it’s one of the most expensive start-ups of them all. There are laws governing the production, packaging and sale of food items, and much of the work has to take place in an FDA-approved kitchen.

The Culinary Complex, located at the former Burrell-Slater School, offers clients the ability to rent time in our FDA kitchen. The kitchen is spacious and well-equipped, and is currently used for the production of everything from gumbo, barbecue sauce and salsa to cheese straws, breads and gourmet meals.

In addition to kitchen access, our Culinary Complex allows vendors to participate in group marketing events, online e-commerce, and cooking classes designed to showcase products to the world. If you have an idea for a food-related business, we might have your recipe for success!

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Culinary Complex
610 West College Street, Florence AL 35630