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Betty Jo’s Gourmet Slaw

Betty Jo’s Gourmet SlawWe are the Johnson sisters (Vicki, Yolanda, Bridgette, Toniette, Keachia, Torey, and Tamela). This story is about Betty Jo Johnson (our mother) and her delicious “Betty Jo’s Gourmet Slaw. Betty Jo, a native of Florence, Alabama was never wealthy in finances, but was rich with love for her seven daughters, life, and cooking.

One of Mama’s undeniable talents was her ability to create delicious recipes for her family. One of the delicious delicacies she conjured up was a fabulous homemade hot slaw recipe.

Mama passed away in 2007 but we still remember spending many hours in the kitchen with Mama and adhering to her uncompromising demands to ensure a consistent quality in her hot slaw. The time spent in the kitchen was also a special family time and a time for BONDING. In hind sight, the Johnson sisters have an even greater appreciation for the time spent in the kitchen with Mama and having learned her delicious recipes.

Life often presents opportunities to pass down traditions and the time has come for us to share Mama’s delicious hot slaw recipe with the world. Our families eat Mamas slaw on everything. It tastes great with barbeque, chicken, pork, beef, fish, polish sausage, hot dogs, or any meat product. Literally, Mamas slaw tastes great on anything!

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