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Katie’s Mustard Slaw

Katie's Katie’s Slaw, some would say relish, is a condiment slaw that is delicious on any sandwich you would eat with mustard, mayonnaise or pickles. Katie’s Slaw is not just a hot dog slaw, it can be eaten on sandwiches, including, BBQ, chicken, ham, turkey, bologna, roast beef, spam, philly cheese┬ásteak, subs and more. It can be eaten as a dip on nachos, pretzels or corn chips as well. Katie’s Slaw can provide a good kick when served with greens, beans, eggs and countless other foods.

Katie’s Slaw has been mentioned in several newspapers and magazines including Alfa Friends and Family, Tuscaloosa Business Ink, Bliss and others. Katie’s has been featured on The Early Show, NPR, APR, and several local television programs. It has even been included in gift baskets that were sent to the White House.

Wholesale only. Please ask for Katie’s at your favorite grocery store.

Phone: (256) 767-7417
Email: katiesfoods@aol.com
Facebook: Katie’s Mustard Slaw