How to Start an App Development Company

August 21, 2014

Starting an app development company may seem like an impossible task if you are not a designer or developer. Designers, developers and project managers are all very skilled and highly paid professionals. How can someone with no development or design skills compete? Putting together an experienced team can be expensive, time consuming and above all scary. On top of that, building your team is really only half of the battle. Getting clients to commit large amounts of money on an idea or new venture can be tricky. Below is the first part of an ongoing series of guides on how to start a mobile app business from scratch.

Fact: Either be the developer or the designer or the sales person.

Mobile app development projects are too big and too far apart to try and go it alone. Running this type of operation really necessitates a team. If you want to start a mobile app business you really only need to be one of the three. Having a team of dedicated and skill specific individuals allows you to offer a better product and take on multiple clients at once. As projects start to come in you can grow your team and make a steady stream of income as opposed to large chunks going it alone.

Myth: Finding developers is the hardest part of starting an app business

Most of our clients that we work with in our white label mobile app reseller program come to us in search of just development services. Most assume that this is the trickiest part of the whole process because they are unfamiliar with development. We have found that design skills are actually much harder to come by. Designers really do command a great deal of money in the mobile field and deservedly so. Developers skills may be more difficult in terms of education but the talent pool is much larger.

Tip: How to build your mobile app development team

You can build your team by looking for local talent but to get things started sites like or Elance can provide amazing talent at lower costs. The best option for most people who try to start a mobile app business from scratch is to partner with an agency. An agency can provide the design, development, and project management skills right away. This would then allow you to focus on getting clients. With our platform you can hire a phonegap developer and allow them to take on multiple projects at once all by their lonesome. Our platform speeds up the process of development and will help reduce your overhead.

Tip: How to price your mobile app projects

Pricing the initial projects can be extremely tricky. If you go it alone and try and build a team you will have to rely on the developer and the designer to give time estimates on how long it will take. This can take some time to figure out. You have to relay the information and hope that they respond quickly. Most of the time you will then have to create a proposal. Our company and some other agencies provide dedicated project managers to assist in the process. They are on call and can provide a quote right away. This helps speed the process up and makes sure your budget is accurate. There’s nothing worse than quoting to low and taking a loss after all the hard work you put in getting a client.

In the next part of our “How to Start a Mobile App Development Company From Scratch” series we will discuss ways to go about finding new clients, proposals, and contracts.

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