The 7 Things Science Says You Must do Daily to Build a Billion-Dollar Company

April 26, 2017

When I started Taco, I knew I wanted to grow it into a billion-dollar company. But realistically, I knew that creating a billion-dollar company meant I had to impact billions of people and not just focus on metrics, like the bottom line.

To build a billion-dollar company, a founder must have a billion-dollar mindset and practice certain daily habits that science has found to be the common denominators among the world’s wealthiest business people. Scientific research has confirmed specific actions are more amenable for generating wealth.

Check out these seven actions you will want to work on — and achieve daily — if you want to hit the billion-dollar mark:

1. Read.

Today’s billionaires have a voracious appetite for reading. They consume many pages and books in a short amount of time. Billionaires like Warren Buffet actually spend the majority of every day reading books, articles and online content to better understand the business environment and the factors that impact investing and strategic decisions.

Reading provides critical knowledge that can help a businessperson move their company to the next level of revenue. It also opens their eyes to new possibilities from patterns they discover that can also benefit their organization in terms of direction and new revenue streams.

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